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  • Katherine

Celebration: International Workers' Day

We invite you to celebrate International Workers' Day this Monday May 1st 2023 from 10 am until 7pm at the Trabajadores Unidos Worker Center (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos) 1235 W St NE, Washington DC 20018.

We will start at 10am with a workshop and discussion about the long fight of workers at a global level and how we can keep fighting for our rights and protect ourselves together as workers and day laborers.

Later starting at 12pm we will have lunch in fellowship with each other and a chat with migrant and worker women about their perspectives and expectations in the United States.

At the end at 5pm we will have a celebration with a dinner, a theatrical play, and a presentation of certificates to our English class students.

Join us to empower ourselves and celebrate our day!

Please fill out this form to help us plan better and have enough food:


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