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2 Latino men in white work clothes spotted with paint hold a blue Trabajadores Unidos banner

About Us

What is Trabajadores Unidos de Washington DC?

Logo: silhouette of people holding a banner that says Trabajadores Unidos with a fist and 3 red star

Trabajadores Unidos de Washington DC–Workers United of Washington DC (TUWDC) is a 501(c)(3) community based nonprofit that seeks to educate and address the needs of the immigrant, migrant, and low-income worker in Washington, DC. We work alongside workers to fight for immigrants and  low-income workers rights and against the practice of wage theft, workplace discrimination, and workplace safety violations. TUWDC builds leadership capacity through organizing and engaging in civic actions.

Our History

TUWDC history starts in early 2005 when members of the Foundry United Methodist Church reached out to day laborers who gathered at various sites in DC, including the Home Depot parking lot in Northeast Washington, DC. As a result, a coalition of labor, churches, and community organizations was created and led by DC Jobs with Justice to advocate for day laborers until 2013. By 2013, Washington, DC day laborers, a majority of whom are Latino immigrants and African-Americans, were ready to create their own, independent non-profit organization that today continues to advocate on behalf of immigrants and low-income workers in the District of Columbia.

Latino workers smile with the protocol reached between MPD and DCJWJ to address Wage Theft in 2012.

Our Mission

We strive to advance and defend the rights and interests of immigrants, migrants and low-income workers, while organizing and developing leaders. We seek to create a community in Washington, DC that promotes equality for all.  

Our Vision

We envision a future in which the work of day laborers, immigrants, and low-income workers is respected and appreciated. We aspire to live in a world where diverse communities can coexist in an environment of mutual respect, peace, and justice.

Smiling Portrait


We believe all people should have a voice in the decisions that affect our lives.

Young Nurse


We believe excellence is achieved through collaboration, accountability, innovation and pride in the quality of our work.

Young Student


We believe we are stronger when we enhance, recognize and celebrate our diversity.

Vocalist in Curls


We believe that working in solidarity strengthens us in the struggle for social justice.

Happy Man


We believe in respect for the dignity and equality of all people and the power to change our own lives.

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