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Latinos Disproportionately Affected by Covid-19 in Washington, DC.

Sep 29, 2021

COVID-19 impact on Latino Residents in Washington DC. This study, conducted between May and December 2020, documents the impact of COVID-19 on hundreds of Latinos who lived primarily in Wards 1 and 4, where some of the highest rates of COVID-19 infections were found. While Latinos comprise around 11% of DC’s population, COVID-19 infection rates hovered around 26% for this ethnic group. A survey of deaths during this same period indicates that DC Latino residents made up 13% of residents who died from COVID-19.

A major conclusion of this study is that the DC Latino population was disproportionately affected by the pandemic’s early stages.

COVID-19 Impact on Latinos in DC.FINAL.2021
Download PDF • 2.31MB

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