Services & Programs

Trabajadores Unidos de Washington DC (TUWDC) is a powerful Washington DC organization that educates low-wage workers on their rights, develops leadership among the immigrant community and organizes all workers as they fight for their rights in the workplace. TUWDC is an example of the capacity of less-advantaged communities to interrupt cycles of poverty and injustice.

Combating Wage Theft

Working alongside workers to recover the wages they rightfully deserve.

Educational Workshops

Creating a space for our community to discuss important topics that directly affect their lives.

Developing Workforce Skills

Ensuring that workers have access to resources that will aid them in finding work and help them succeed in their current jobs.



Our Campaigns

The Vision for a Workers Center in Ward 5

A Workers Center would connect employers with skilled workers for a variety of services, ensuring fair wages and good working conditions.




Building a Public Park in Mt. Pleasant

 The park would serve as a space for the community in Mt. Pleasant to engage in dialogue and form relationships.