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Wage Theft in Washington DC

On a weekly basis, TUWDC encounters numerous cases of wage theft. Workers count on TUWDC to help them fight for the wages they rightfully deserve. Sending their case to court or filing a complaint with the Department of Employment Services (DOES) is often a lengthy and costly process. It is time to push our government and law enforcement to act on these cases and END WAGE...

Workshop: Know Your Government with The Office on Latino Affairs (OLA)

Our workshop on June 17, 2015 was created with the purpose of informing our communities about the programs and services that the District of Columbia has to offer them. For instance, The Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs (OLA) addresses social and economic needs by providing resources, such as grants to community organizations. However, many community members are not aware of OLA and its services. As a result, we decided to invite Jackie Reyes, Director of OLA and Josue Salmeron, Deputy Director of OLA to our workshop.  Participants learned about OLA’s services and current projects. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to voice their concerns to OLA and ask for OLA’s support in solving the issues in their communities....

Press Conference: Caravan of Honduran Migrantes from AMIREDIS

On July 17, 2015 there was a press conference in front of the White House with the Caravan of Honduran Migrantes from AMIREDIS, the association of migrants who became disabled or lost limbs after suffering serious accidents from the northward train known as La Bestia. TUWDC Staff was present and interviewed Adán Escobar Ceballos, one of the members of the Caravan from AMIREDIS. Ceballos was deported after living in the U.S. for nine years, then injured when he tried to return in 2004 to reunite with his 18 year-old...

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