Community Park in Mt. Pleasant

The image above is an example of how the park would look after renovations.

The Mt. Pleasant neighborhood has always been a very diverse and dynamic community, with residents of all backgrounds and national origin. Over the years public spaces (streets, sidewalks, and parks) along Mt. Pleasant St. have served to bring people together and build relationships. The public space, located next to the 7-11 store at the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Kenyon Streets, NW, which serves as a daily congregation point, is currently fenced off and not available to the public. Today, the sidewalks at this corner are a vibrant and welcoming place for day laborers and other immigrants.

The community recognizes that social diversity and interaction has huge social benefits. However, as gentrification has skyrocketed, it has become more and more difficult to preserve this daily use of the public space which is so important to the social and cultural relations of neighborhood immigrants. To ensure that immigrants and day laborers can continue to congregate at this corner, it is important to look at a way to improve the use of this public space. Our goal is to make the park a friendly and welcoming area for neighborhood residents and local shoppers. TUWDC seeks to develop a partnership with DC Department of Parks and marshal resources so the community can open access to the park,

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