Educational Workshops

Engaging Our Community

An integral part of the TUWDC program is conducting educational workshops that help build leadership and empower marginalized, low-wage workers to combat workplace abuses and engage in organizing campaigns to push for policies that promote human rights. TUWDC holds bi-monthly workshops on various topics:
  • “Know Your Rights” popular education workshops focused on DC government and its agencies. Many workers are not familiar with how DC government functions. They are used to visiting to social service agencies when they have a problem. Teaching low-wage immigrants that their voice is an important TUWDC goal. TUWDC workers are taught how to navigate DC government agencies, how to file a “human rights” complaint, how to speak at public gatherings, and how to work in coalitions to advocate for policies that improve their working conditions. Training workers to present their issues to different community groups, educational institutions, and churches is an important component of our work. TUWDC workshops are ideal venues for practicing public speaking and encouraging peer mobilization.
  • Occupational Health and Safety workshops are important because many workers are not aware of the laws that apply to all workers. Workplace accidents and injuries often go unreported, especially among Latinos. Since many Latinos work in the construction industry, they are particularly vulnerable. Professionals explain the laws and safety protections to workers.
  • Workforce Development Skills Workshops: Many immigrant workers learn about jobs through relatives or informal networks of friends. Matching workers’ skills to the needs of the DC area is critical to improving access to jobs. Equally important is teaching workers how to navigate a modern system where technology and computers dominate access to local employment. In addition, TUWDC serves as an intermediary by facilitating partnerships with employers.

Our Latest Workshops & Marches: